TSE Gas Services - We cover Fife, Edinburgh, Falkirk and Surrounding Areas.
​​​Landlord Gas Safety Certificates.
Are you a landlord? TSE Gas Services lead engineer is and he understands what a landlord is looking for in a gas service engineer. Whether you let out one property or have a larger portfolio of properties, let TSE Gas Services take some of the stress out of the job.

Provide TSE Gas Services with property address and full contact details for the tenant/s and we will:

  • Liaise directly with your tenants to arrange appointment times that are convenient for everyone.
  • Undertake full safety checks on all of your gas appliances.
  • Check that current CO detector is suitably located, working correctly and is within date. If no CO detector is fitted or the current detector is out of date, TSE Gas Services can fit a new 7 year battery operated CO detector during our visit.1
  • Provide copies of the annual gas safety check (electronic or paper) to both agency/landlord as well as to the tenant.
  • Diarise subsequent annual gas safety checks for the following year so you don’t need to.

​​​Gas Servicing and Maintenance.
It doesn't matter if you are a home owner or a landlord, an annual service of your gas appliance is a good idea. It will maintain your equipment in good working order and prolong its life span.

It is important to note that, if you have a new appliance with a 3yr, 5yr, 7yr or 10yr warranty, an annual service is still essential as even one missed service will invalidate your manufacturer's warranty.
Contact TSE Gas Services and we will service your appliance and complete the relevant section of your appliance manual or provide you with a separate appliance service form. As well as servicing your appliance, we can check that your current CO detector/s are suitably located and are within date. If there are no CO detectors fitted or the current detector/s are out of date, TSE Gas Services can fit new 7 year battery operated CO detector/s during our visit.
​​​Portable Appliance Testing.
If you are renting out property or running a business, you need to make sure that any electrical appliances that you provide are safe to use. Since 1st December 2015, under sections 13(4A) and 19B(4) of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006, private landlords in Scotland are required by law to ensure that their properties are electrically safe. As part of this legislation, it is a requirement that you have PAT testing done annually on all your portable electrical appliances (testing of tenants’ appliances is optional but is recommended in order to protect the landlord's property from damage).
What is a portable appliance? A portable appliance is anything that you plug into an electrical socket and can be moved. Usually thought of are kettles, toasters, microwaves but can include washing machines, large screen TV and should even include your built-in oven if it has a plug.
TSE Gas Services are fully qualified to undertake work on all electrical appliances in your property.2 We provide all our customers with a PAT test certificate and all tested appliances are stickered with a test label containing all our company details.

​​​Legionella Risk Assessment.
If you are a landlord and rent out your property (or even a room within your own home) then you have legal responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of your tenant by keeping the property safe and free from health hazards.

Although not new, ​(The L8 Approved Code of Practice (3rd edition) ACOP) was published in 2001), there has been a requirement for landlords of both domestic and business premises to assess the risks from exposure to Legionella to their tenants.

The L8 Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) was revised and republished in November 2013 and retained the guidance on the requirements of HSWA and COSHH for employers AND those with responsibilities for the control of premises including landlords (L8 ACOP, paragraphs 1 and 2).  It applies to the control of Legionella bacteria in any undertaking involving a work activity AND applies to premises controlled in connection with a trade, business or other undertaking where water is used or stored and there is a reasonably foreseeable risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria (L8 ACOP, paragraph 22).

TSE Gas Services are fully certified to undertake a risk assessment of any domestic and commercial property that you own or manage. On completion of the assessment, we will provide you with full details of any risks identified as well as suitable control measures that can be implemented. TSE Gas Services training & qualifications, in relation to legionella assessment are accredited by Continuous Profesional Development (CPD) Certification Service guidelines. Training and qualifications are also approved by RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.
​​Home Maintenance Service.
As well as our Gas & PAT work streams, TSE Gas Services can undertake other general  ‘handyman’ maintenance services within your home. Included in the services we undertake are:

  • Tap replacement or repair
  • Installation of outside taps
  • Pipe alteration work
  • New/replacement shower fitting service
  • Toilet repairs and installation of new toilets, sinks and baths
  • Installation of new/replacement kitchen sinks
  • Installation of new/replacement kitchen units, door fronts & drawers
  • Laying new laminate flooring
  • Tiling
  • Front door and internal door lock replacement/repair
  • Internal door replacement and hanging service
  • Flat pack furniture build service
If you require work done in your home that is not listed above, please contact us and we can advise you if it is a service that we can provide, and how much it will cost.

​​Fixed Quote, Discounts & Price Matching.
Call, Text or Email TSE Gas Services to obtain a price for our standard landlord works. If the work is outside of normal expectations, and requires a site visit, we will be happy to come out and provide a fixed price quote.

If you are a landlord or letting agent and have multiple properties, ask TSE Gas Services about any discounts that may be applicable.3

If you only have one property, you may not qualify for a discount but please ask TSE Gas Services about price matching.4
1 the supply and installation of a new CO detector is in addition to TSE Gas Services standard charges as outlined in any price list.
2 a reduced PAT cost applies but only if done at the same time as the landlord gas safety check/service work.
3 discount value dependant on the number of properties TSE Gas Services are contracted to work on.
​​4 price matching service is subject to hard copy proof, provided by the customer, of quotations given by alternative companies.